25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (2024)

This is not a hint, let me repeat, this is not a hint! I am not pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Two kiddos is perfect for this Mama. With that out of the way, finding out the sex of your baby is exciting and throwing a gender reveal party is the perfect way to celebrate with friends and family.

I updated the collection of 25 cute gender reveal ideas to ensure that all the crafty goodness is in one place. If you’re a mom-to-be, congrats! If you haven’t told anyone the news yet, check out this post with 25 ways to announce your pregnancy on social media.

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What to do at a gender reveal party?

The main event at a gender reveal party is the big reveal of the baby’s sex! There are so many fun ways to share the news from confetti cannons to silly string to volcanos! You can use most of these ideas whether you host 4 people or 20 people.

Gender Reveal Ideas

1. Silly string

Silly string is a creative way to share the big news. Simply cover bottles of blue or pink silly string with kraft paper to keep the big news a secret. This is genius for sharing the news with older siblings.

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2. Cotton candy

For my son’s gender reveal party, we rented a cotton candymachine and had everyone make a prediction with either blue or pink cotton candy. Made for a tasty treat and a cute group picture!

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3. Confetti

My friend, Annie, blew blue confetti to share that she was having a boy on facebook!

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4. Throw paint filled eggs

For my daughters gender reveal, my friend Annie hollowed out eggs, spray painted them black and filled them with pink paint for us to throw at a canvas! I was 99% sure I was having another boy so this was a huge surprise and such a fun way to find out the sex! We also have a giant canvas as a souvenirfrom the event.25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (5)

5. Scratch off cards

The gender reveal scratch off card is the best kind of lottery ticket, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of winning and either way it’s exciting! You can buy gender reveal scratch off cards on etsy from Enchanting By Design.

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6. Mardi gras beads

Use mardi gras beads for guests to predict the sex of the baby. Plus I love a good rhymingsign! All of the details on 1 Thing 1 Week.

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7. Photo strip and balloons

If you’re looking for a simple way to announce the sex of your baby on social media, consider an old school photo strip with a pink and blue balloons.

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8. What’s it gonna bee party theme

Get the party buzzing with excitement and host a “What’s it gonna bee” gender reveal party with every detail planned out by Grey Grey Designs. Decor for this gender reveal is simple with black and yellow balloons and a fun sign!

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9. Ask guests to wear pink or blue

Here’s another cute photo op idea, have the guests dress in either team pink or team blue. Photographer: Sadie James Photography25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (10)

10. Box of balloons

You can not go wrong with a box of balloons. Just make sure the balloons have helium and are tied to something heavy so they don’t float away. All of the surprise box gender reveal details at East Coast Creative.25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (11)

11. Old wives tales

Document the accuracy (or in accuracy) of old wives tales and your pregnancyfor all to see at your gender reveal party. Oringially found at All Thing Katie Marie.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (12)

12. What are you craving party

The “what are you craving” treat bar is a clever way to share the guest of honors current favorite things! It can also double as a fun way for guests to predict the sex of the baby. See all of the details on Paging Supermom.

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13. DIY Pins

Craft up boy and girl pins and allow your guests to predict the gender with flair! See all of the details on Paging Supermom.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (14)

14. Confetti poppers

Confettiis always a good idea! Craft up confetti poppers with this tutorial from Paging Supermom.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (15)

15. Pink and blue lemonade

Sarah has lots of fun gender reveal food ideas including lemonade, bows, chocolate covered pretzels and He/She Hershey bars as party favors. See all of the gender reveal party details at Repeat Crafter Me.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (16)

16. Mustaches and lips

This is similar to the cotton candy idea in that your guests to get predict if it’s a boy or a girl! The saying is adorable and the mustache and lips make for a silly picture. See more details from this gender reveal party at Family Mattos.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (17)

17. Extra large cardboard Box

Fill a cardboard box with pink or blue balloons and un wrap the biggest and best present ever. The surprise box makes for great pictures too. See all of the details on Tania Davis Photography.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (18)

Baby reveal piñata

18. Confetti filled lantern

We were extra ambitious with my son’s gender reveal, like I said above we rented a cotton candy machine, but we also made a surprise lanternfilled with blue confetti. I dropped off a sealed envelope at my friend’s house and she filled the piñata with the appropriate color confetti.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (19)

19. Question mark piñata

A question mark piñata is the ultimate interactive gender reveal game and it’s fun for all ages! Originally found on All Thing Katie Marie.25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (20)

Baby reveal cake ideas

By cake, I mean treats! These cute cakes and cookies are filled with blue or pink goodies. I love the idea of having a simple family celebration with one of these for desert to share the fun news.

20. Cake

A gender reveal cake does not get much cuter than this simple layered cake filled with blue M&M’s. Consider doing a similar idea with cupcakes to share too. Get the complete recipe on Betty Crocker.

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21. Baby onesies cookies

Delicious and adorable, these gender reveal cookies are sure to be a hit. Check out the full recipe at Craft Storming.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (22)

22. Gender reveal stork cookies

A sweet treat that doubles as the big reveal… genius! Get the full gender reveal cookie recipe on Sweet Sugarbelle.25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (23)

Gender reveal ideas with siblings

Looking to share your baby’s gender with siblings? Here are some creative gender reveal ideas specifically geared towards kids! Another easy gender reveal idea for siblings is as simple as covering up a bowl of pink or blue ice cream or colored candy.

23. Play dough

This homemade play dough reveal pink or blue after being massaged. How fun is that? Check out all of the details at I Can Teach My Child.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (24)

24. Volcano

I think the volcano wins for telling older siblings the sex of the baby in mama’s baby, don’t you think? See the full gender reveal tutorial on Teaching Mama.

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (25)

25. Un wrap a gift

Let the littles un wrap a gift with either a pink or blue outfit inside to share the sex of the new baby! All of the details on Repeat Crafter Me.

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What do you think about the whole gender reveal party thing? Did you do it? Would you do it? Too much? Oh and if you are planning on having a baby shower, here are a few don’t miss posts:

  • 10 fun baby shower games
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I want everyone to feel empowered to be creative with their kids so, I’m sharing what I learned for free in a 5 day e-mail course!

25 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas (2024)


What do you reply to gender reveal? ›

Write something generic

Whether boy or girl, they will be as cute as a button and I am thrilled for you both.” “We were both so happy to hear your news and wish you well on your gender reveal day.”

How to do a gender reveal where no one knows? ›

Gender reveal using silly string

Few things will bring on the LOLs like the parents-to-be covered in Silly String. This fun gender reveal idea calls for wrapping cans of Silly String with decorative paper so no one knows what color they have. Hand the cans out at your gender reveal party and let the stringing begin!

Who usually comes to a gender reveal? ›

Many times, the gender reveal is a chance for friends of both genders to join in, since the party leans to a more creative, inclusive approach. Now is the time to include brothers, uncles, male family friends and let them celebrate the new bundle too, so don't leave them off!

What are the three lines on gender reveal? ›

Three lines.

Rather than the dome sign, seeing what looks like three light, layered lines (also called the “hamburger sign”) in the genital area indicates a girl.

What is a unique gender reveal? ›

For a creative gender reveal idea, use sparklers to draw “boy” or “girl” in the night sky (practice all safety precautions). This is especially fun (and safer than a smoke bomb with colored powder) if you're revealing your baby's sex around the Fourth of July, Labor Day, or New Year's Eve.

What is the best color to wear to a gender reveal? ›

More than that, pink and blue aren't the only color options for baby gender reveal ideas. You can go bold with lime green for a girl and bright orange for a boy. Or you can go with any color at all – you don't have to limit gender to two ideas or colors.

What Colour do you wear to a gender reveal? ›

During a gender reveal, if it is a girl, it is signified with colors of pink. If a boy, there are colors associated with blue.

How long should a gender reveal last? ›

How long do gender reveal parties usually last? They're typically brief, ranging from 1-2 hours.

Is gender reveal legal in US? ›

In America, when you're pregnant, do doctors say the gender of the unborn baby or is it legal there? It's legal there and usually most couple know it early and some have gender reveal parties to celebrate the news.

How many months should you be to have a gender reveal party? ›

Timing is everything! The perfect moment for a gender reveal party is during the second trimester, 18-20 weeks after the mid-pregnancy ultrasound. This is when you can start exploring various baby gender reveal party ideas to make the event memorable.

How do you make a homemade gender reveal? ›

Fill several black balloons with gold paint and one balloon with pink or blue paint. Staple each balloon by the tail to a board and have the couple throw darts at the balloons until the secret-holding balloon is popped. Just don't stand too close!

What food is good for gender reveal party? ›

20 Best finger foods for a gender reveal party
  • Vanilla cake Pops. Make or purchase cake pops using vanilla cake. ...
  • Cupcakes. Buy chocolate cupcake mix and bake them. ...
  • Chocolate-dipped strawberries. ...
  • Pickles. ...
  • Cheese, deli meats, and crackers. ...
  • Pizza slices. ...
  • Shrimp bites. ...
  • Scones with blueberry and strawberry toppings.

Where is the best place to do a gender reveal? ›

You can hold a gender reveal party anywhere. When you think about it, it's a very accommodating event without a lot of rules about the dress code, timing, or the activities involved. So, you can likely make any location work, whether it's at home, a local restaurant, or elsewhere.

Did you bring a gift to a gender reveal? ›

Because the atmosphere of a gender reveal party tends to be relatively laid back, and no one (besides possibly the parents) knows what the sex of the baby is at this point, there's no need to spring for a special gift at this time. In fact, it's probably a better idea to give something to the parents instead.

Do you give gifts at a gender reveal? ›

Should gifts be an unspoken requirement if going to a gender reveal party? No, you don't have to but you can still bring a small gesture gift if you'd like. It's always thoughtful, however in most cases gender reveal parties are different and is NOT a baby shower. Usually at baby showers is when you do baby gifts.

What does it mean when someone says gender reveal? ›

[ jen-der ri-veel ] show ipa. noun. a public disclosure of the gender of an unborn baby by the soon-to-be parent or parents. a party, online video, or other way in which the gender of an unborn baby is publicly revealed.

Do you get gifts at a gender reveal? ›

In short, bringing a gift to a gender reveal party is certainly appreciated, but not required. "Gift-giving is a personal choice and so is the amount you spend on the gift," says etiquette trainer Suzy Lins. "Keep in mind that gifts don't need to be expensive to be thoughtful."


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